Selection of Students

Initially an estimated 40% of the student population will be from Malaysia and the balance 60% will be from the Asean countries. This equation will change accordingly to the needs of the children. As stated in the statistics, countries like Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines and Indonesia consists of a large number of the poor and needy. Malaysian’s poor is not as serious as these countries and the skilled manpower for teachers can be easily sourced from here.

Students targeted for this program will be as follows:

1. Above the age of 15 years old
2. Could not afford education but is eager to learn
3. Consent from both the parents and the Government.
4. Dropouts or students with poor grade.
5. Willing to commit 3 years in the program.

Basically, there are a lot of students who lack guidance to move on with their lives after their formal education especially those who fare low in their grades. The intention is to teach them a skill accordingly to their interest and mould them to specialised in that field where they can then earn a living independently.