Vocational Syllabus

The courses conducted here will be adhering to the City & Guilds certification, one of the world’s leading vocational awarding bodies in United Kingdom and will be conducted in English. There will be a one year compulsory English and Ethics course followed by the course theory and practical. There will be strict monitoring system in place after the children’s graduation to record both their success and failures. This will enable us to better our teaching methodology. The children selected will be from the ASEAN countries viz. Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar. The composition of the students tentatively will be 40% Malaysians and the balance from other countries. Once the foundation is set, then we can look into more children from the other countries to participate with the respective countries’ approval.

The subjects to be taught will be as follows:

1st Year – ENGLISH

We are anticipating that most of the children will have some or no knowledge of English. It will be taught at zero base progressing to understand and produce effective business communications such as emails, letters, reports and minutes.

The first level is for the children to read communications conveying straightforward information and draft simple replies.

The next level will be for them to handle correspondence concerning problems and sensitive business relations.

The final level will be the ability to process all kinds of business communications, including sophisticated reports and advertising material.


Universal values of love, compassion, integrity and honesty will be taught in stages. There will be no religious intonations in this study. Children will be taught to respect all religions regardless of race, colour, sex and creed. Strong ethical emphasis will be put in place to enable them to be a responsible, caring and loving adult.


1) Technician in Engineering
2) Motor Vehicle Engineering
3) Vehicle maintenance and repair
4) Construction Industry
5) Food Preparation & Culinary Arts
6) Accommodation Operations and Services
7) Information Technology
8) Design and Craft
9) Hairdressing
10) Beauty Therapy
11) Health Care
12) Business Skills