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A moo-ve to celebrate goodness of milk
Source:  The Star Online
Date:  Monday June 1, 2015


Let’s celebrate: The campaign will be at more than 40 shopping and retail centres nationwide.



MAGNOLIA Milk Mooves Malaysia, F&N Magnolia’s biggest nationwide campaign, aims to increase the brand’s connection with consumers and showcase its heritage of dairy products to mark World Milk Day 2015.


F&N Dairies (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd has targeted more than 40 shopping and retail centres nationwide during the three-week campaign.


Mid Valley Megamall, Aeon (Jusco), Aeon Big, Tesco and Giant are among the venues for the campaign that ends on June 14.


“Magnolia Milk Moves Malaysia will also leverage the World Milk Day to rally Malaysians to celebrate and recognise the goodness of milk as a source of nourishment.


“The campaign will engage, entertain, educate and reward consumers,” said F&N Dairies RD milk and juices head Van Toh Peng, who is the company’s head of corporate affairs.


World Milk Day, observed on June 1, is aimed at educating the public on the importance of milk and its health benefits.


“We do not readily recognise the importance of milk as part of our daily diet. This situation will result in depriving ourselves of necessary nutrients important for wellbeing and growth,” said Van.


“Through this campaign, we are reinforcing the importance of drinking milk for a healthy lifestyle while sharing the natural goodness of Magnolia milks,” she added.


Besides cultivating a culture of drinking milk, the Magnolia Milk Mooves Malaysia campaign also aims to promote and inculcate good reading habits among young and growing learners.


Activities in the Milk Mooves journey include the Smoo Fun Zone with educational quizzes and colouring activities and Smoo Learn Zone, which will promote healthy eating habits.


A corporate social responsibility programme entitled ‘Smoo Love Zone’ will encourage participants at the more than 40 locations to choose from a selection of books to be donated to Malaysian children at Kassim Chin Humanity Foundation (KCHM).Besides selecting the books for donation, the children will also be encouraged to pen encouraging or inspirational messages to their peers.


During the campaign, shoppers who buy Magnolia milk products will also receive gifts comprising customised magnetic photo frames, power banks and free instant 4R photo printouts.



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